Like games like Zombie Dice? Try Grim!

Like Zombie Dice? Try Grim!

games like Zombie DiceZombie Dice is a very simple concept. You are a zombie and you want brains. The game contains 13 dice that vary in difficulty based on color. Red is more harmful, yellow is nuetrally difficult, and green is an easy brain to eat. Of the 13 dice in the tube shaped zombie dice box pull out 3 and roll them. Brains give you points while shotguns hurt you. Roll 3 shotguns during your turn and you die, which results in you losing your brain points. However, you can roll as often as you like, pulling new ones to replace the freezing brains and shotguns, and re-rolling steps (people who get away). Once you end your turn (without the 3 shotguns) count your score and pass your dice on over.

A game like Zombie Dice!

games like Zombie DiceGrim: A Roll for your Life takes the core mechanic of Zombie Dice and provides an elaborated story and extra components to the game. You are dead, along with your opponents, and Grim (the reaper we are all familiar with) likes to play games with dead people. He wants to grant one of you immortality, while the rest of you suffer a fate that you must endure for the rest of eternity (like listening to 1 song for… ever!). The game is simple, each player starts with 10 green tokens, and the first to relieve all their tokens to Grim wins! Each green skull is a green token, each red skull is a red token, and each blue token is a frozen die. When you roll green skulls put aside green tokens from your pile. Like Zombie Dice, when you drop you collect 3 red tokens, you lose your green token collection. So don’t let that happen. When you manually end your turn (RED TOKEN= BAD) give your green tokens to Grim to rid of your pile. You also have an option to buy cards from Grim which add a bit of flavor to the strategy against other players.



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