Like Dungeon Fighter? Try Problem Picnic!

problem picnic

Like Dungeon Fighter? Try Problem Picnic!

Dungeon Fighter is what I would consider a very top tier dexterity game where you and your team of knights, bards, princess’ and so forth journey through the layers of a castle fighting monsters and collecting coin. With a randomly generated map, you all will be throwing dice onto a target to defeat monsters. Each monster or weapon will change the way you throw the dice which could add immersion and difficulty. Dexterity is the highlight for this post because it is what I find can be found in Problem Picnic that does both imitate the fun of Dungeon Fighter, and uses different dice types that almost mimic the difficulty and unique experience of the different dice rolls seens in Dungeon Fighter. In problem Picnic you are rolling dice onto food for your ants to collect for points. Each food type and plate type can combine and multiply for more points. The point system is created by randomly drawing points to apply to a scoring sheet so the winning conditions could always change adding that bit of replay value to the experience.

If you’re looking for a dexterity game that not only capture the fun and excitement of throwing a dice at a target but has a simpler difficulty, I would definitely suggest checking out Problem Picnic.



Joseph Nicholas

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