Lanterns: The Harvest Festival


A kickstarter project that soared over their goal by a 3-fold. A game with 1200 + backers? you know this game could be the next big thing.

I reached out to Foxtrot games interested in seeing how their company was working out. We here at Indietabletop are huge fans of looking for the next kickstarter project. Foxtrot games, Proved to be quiet the gem.

lanterns 2

Lanterns was surprising in many ways. Simplistic art work complimented by an engaging system. Lanterns strives’ off a few mechanics, while reaching an amount of plenty with entertainment and replay ability. Lanterns’ players assume the role of artisans decorating the palace lake. You have three options for your actions including: Exchanging a lantern card, making a dedication, and placing a lake tile. Our first run had us enjoying the rewards that everyone obtains by a player placing a lantern. gathering our lanterns and appreciating each players move. “Thank you’s” and “I appreciate it’s” were thrown around a lot.

Our second go at it was not so cordial. We began stressing the importance of stopping a player from collecting a lantern. We restricted the supply of certain colored lanterns in order to raise the demand AND the tension. Regardless of each play through– we had a blast.

lanter 3Final thoughts?::

Lanterns supplies with with the perfect balance between hand holding and taking our training wheels off. The sequence of actions is good and the pacing is excellent. The rule book was knowledgeable and the game was above satisfactory. Lanterns? You can do one helluva job.

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