Kodama abstract tree building


Kodama: The Tree Spirits

Kodama is a new game on kickstarter by Action Phase Games. It plays with 2- 5 players and runs around 45 minutes. Each person plays a tree spirit who is trying to take care of their tree. With fireflies, clouds, stars, and more you are trying to build this iconic tree by stacking cards on it. Each card resembles a branch and displays symbols, which can be matched for extra points. Along with the branch cards, we’ll also have these kodama cards which act as bonuses toward the end of each season. Your tree will develop at your disposal as you draft cards and place them down.

What I enjoy is that instead of layering cards symmetrically, these cards can rotate in any direction in order to fit and expand the tree (not facing the cards below the trunk). The seasons play a factor in the game as well as each one dictates what happens through bonus scores. To begin, each player grabs a trunk and three kodama cards (which I mentioned offer bonuses). Kodama cards offer a range of bonuses from trunk symbols matching cards with similar symbols, cards having a specified symbol a few cards away from your trunk, or pick any card and match the symbols adjacent to it. I think this is a very impressive, abstract concept and I’d be surprised if this isn’t the next big thing.


Joseph Nicholas

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