Who knew? Trivia and the Board that Moves You

 Game: Who Knew Players: 2- 4 teams (any player count)
 Publisher: Do You Know My Game Time: 30 minutes
 Age: 12+ Replayability: 6/10

who knewWho knew? Trivia and the Board that Moves You

Who Knew is a board game that adopts features from our classic American titles such as Smart Ass and Taboo. I found that Who Knew highlights trivia on a whole new difficulty. I do not mean the game was hard to understand, the rule book was very concise, what I mean is that the trivia given on each card were out of my sense of knowledge. It’s expectations had me feeling like I need to do more reading (that isn’t a rulebook). I found this title’s board does a good job identifying it’s card question color represented on the board. Each card has a few trivia questions that are color coordinated, and correct answers will advance you down the board toward the next available color. The cards in the Who Knew are larger than normal poker card sizes so they are a bit difficult to shuffle. I do see how the size of the cards add character to the game, I definitely think about them often and feel they add emphasis to the mystery behind each card. Each card will offer three types of questions which will be selected by a roll of the die. This will progress you through the board depending on color rolled and answered correctly. Set up the board, select your team, and place your colored peg on the start section. You will roll die to select which question your opposing team will ask you off the card they drew. The first player to reach the end wins!

My Experience

I played with two teams of two. I rolled my die (because I typically go first in novice game nights because I’m “more experience”) and landed on a blue; my statement was “Why: Flea Markets, Second Hands Sales”. So My team (me and my friend) really put some thought into everything we know about Flea Markets and why it came into existence. Stumped, my opposing team read to us, “In Europe outdoor sales of used goods attracted fleas, hens the name”, while an extremely awesome new fact I can use when picking up girls at my local bar– my team didn’t progress and the die was handed to the opposition. They rolled a green, which is what; what is Fine Tooth Comb? With a lucky guess, they were right, It’s to search thoroughly. This continued as we slowly made our way through the board toward the end. Toward the end of the game, some blacks were rolled; giving the player their choice in question and some yellows were rolled, having my opposition (usually team to the left) decide the question. Our team lost because we were not able to answer two questions correct before reaching the end (when you are three steps away from the goal, if a roll were to push you into the final space, you need to answer two of the three questions correctly to win).

Final Thoughts

Who Knew is an independently played trivia game with a slight nudge toward player interaction, the black and yellow rolls give players a chance to really get an upper hand. While there is no learning curve to playing the game, there is definitely a very steep curve to knowing your trivia. I do enjoy what I can get out of the game, I definitely know a lot of interesting facts about random things and feel I would most likely bust them out in conversation. I enjoy the simplicity of the die rolls and the color outcome and found the pacing to be a steady flow. Sure, the ending can be a bit of a hassle when we can’t get the answers correct but It’s to prolong the game, is that a good thing? Well, that is entirely up to your interest in game length. I wouldn’t mind ending it early to just start again–but that’s just me.

You will like this game if you’re into party board games with a roll and move inspired mechanic and if you like trivia.

You will not like this game if you’re looking for an experience with a more modern gaming gameplay.




Joseph Nicholas

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