Klask: Tabletop Magnets and Epic Versus

 Game: KlaskPlayers: 2
 Publisher: Gigamic Time: 15 minutes
 Age: 8+ Replayability: 8.5/10

klaskKlask: Tabletop Magnets and Epic Versus

This is a different type of post today as I won’t be covering your typical board game or card game. Klask is a nice iteration of tabletop air hockey with the introduction of magnet components and mechanics. This brings the fun of an arcade right to your table and seriously, I think it’s now my most asked for from my family. It’s a very simple concept that is seeing some great results. Setup is simple enough in that you will place the three white magnets face up in their respective slots, you will set up a black magnet in between the ground board on both sides of the Klask board. You will place the blue tokens on the 0 slot on the Klask board and get to rolling the ball. First to score 6 points wins. Scoring can happen in multiple ways such as the ball falling into your opponents goal, your opponent receiving two of the white magnets in the middle, or your opponent falling into their own goal. This is a niche style of board gaming as you can tell, it’s the outlier of the bunch I reviewed, but a table game nonetheless. It’s top quality components and clear concise rules make this an easy experience for anyone and a very fun time for everyone.

klaskMy Experience and Final Thoughts

Yes, this is by far the most dexterity arcade style table game I’ve ever reviewed. This is an iteration of air hockey that tests both your hand-eye coordination and your mobility. What I enjoy about it the most is how incorporated into family game night this title seemed to find itself. Both my parents would be more than ready to suggest Klask into the filler position between the more dense games I brought out (I finally got them to play Lanterns!).  I am sure the familiarity of its classic style brings attention toward it more often than my other board games. It really pushes the originality with the white magnets rule, which might be my favorite component. Like I stated earlier, If your opponent gets two of the white magnets on them you score. As Klask began receiving more gameplays, I noticed strategy commence. We would try to push the white magnets toward our opponents side using the ball. It was really cool watching our magnets dance around the board as we tried to stay away from the white magnets while still trying to score.

Klask has almost no learning curve as it relies heavily on pushing a ball away from your sides goal. It’s a directly interactive board game featuring magnets and marbles. I would say the replay value is very high as we have seen in other relatable games, they are quick to setup and begin. I surely love this game, however, I could see how this title wouldn’t necessarily reach out to that broad of an audience. The niche audience is definitely available to the masses as many do enjoy tabletop games such as this, but I’d fear board game players may not necessarily bring this along with them as our groups can branch out past 2 people.

You will like this game if you’re a fan of air hockey, foosball, and other similar tabletop games.

You will not like this game if you’re looking for a board game with a theme, dice, and meeples.



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