Kiwetin: The board game filled with content under ten minutes

 Game: KiwetinAge: 7+
 Publisher: Flyos Games Players: 2- 6
 Time: 10 minutes Replayability: 8.5/ 10

Kiwetin: The board game filled with content under ten minutes

When we choose between lighter or heavier board games, we are more often than not choosing between giving up theme and content (heavier games) for card games or minimal built board games. Rarely have I seen board games that can merge light and quick with content. Believe me, I never thought of this as a problem before now (until I was introduced to this game), and would love to find more games that run lighter and quicker but offer heavy components and creative theme.

kiwetin is a board game pushed by Flyos Games, and while I only was able to experience the first edition, I was absolutely impressed (especially with only a first edition). Kiwetin is an experience that without saying much, illustrates your setting, game play, and goal. At first glance, you see a beautiful crafted 3d build of animal-folk gripping leaves assumingly floating through an endless forest. It’s safe to say the race is on, as you descend through branches, leaves, and anything that can get in your way. Gary Paitre immerses us within an illustration of deep and light green terrain as we create the rest of this world using our imagination.

My Experience

I had a three-player experience (our first edition held 3 characters while it’s later expected to run 6 players) We unfolded the board, shuffled and laid out the tiles (which hold movement value, actions, and extra abilities) along the board and lined up our creatures at the start of the race. The game runs very simply. I began the game (like always) by rolling the movement die (illustrating a beautifully crafted language of custom numbers) and moving my player down the row. Each character will sacrifice grip or speed or vise versa–I chose the balanced animal. After my movement die of two, I glided toward a tile that pushed me one more movement forward. To ensure I hold on to this branch I throw a couple of regular dice in hopes that the outcome is higher than my natural movement (of two). While most of the time it will work out in your favor, these die have set backs that can truly run your die roll low.

This continues for no more than fifteen minutes as we float, glide, and dive toward the end. While everyone was equipped with a rune card, the game was over before we were able to issue a strategic ability (which is the rune card I am talking about). So, with that said I think our second play through with Kiwetin will ask we strategic faster than our normal pace.

kiwetinFinal Thoughts

Kiwetin is a game that could potentially recreate the idea of strategy. With a game that can end in under fifteen minutes, we are looking at a lot of unused tiles and runes with very apparent game changers involved. This means we could be seeing a whole line of quick playing games that expect high strategy to win based off design by Thomas Filippi (Operational Manager). Kiwetin is a board game that could have a lot of direct interaction depending on your play style. There is not much to learn but the game offers a lot of content to get familiar with. I love how great this first edition looks even though it’s still an unfinished project; I am very excited to see what is to come with this game and the future of Flyos Games. I think what I love about this title and the team behind it is how much effort is noticeably put into getting out a quality board game.

You will like this game if you want a fast paced high strategy board game.

You will not like this game if you are looking for something with a bit more depth and want a slower paced experience.


Joseph Nicholas

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