Kings of Air and Steam Worlds Fair Expansion

Kings of Air and Steam Worlds Fair

Tasty Minstrel Games has just released their kickstarter campaign for their new expansion to a very popular pick up and deliver boardgame, Kings of Air and Steam. This standalone is simple, there are a high demands for these factory produced goods which need to be gathered and delivered through airships and dropped off at the railroad. Trains then haul these goods into the city for you to earn cash for the opponent who gets there first. This game spans 5 rounds. Begin by planning your airships movement. From there follow with an action: Build depots, upgrade your airship or train, ship goods through rail, or solicit funds from the bank.

Kings of Air and Steam Worlds Fair

Kings of Air and Steam originally included seven teams, and a modular board. With the World’s Fair expansion, we are looking forward to a whole new addition to the experience. Kings of Air and Steam Worlds Fair includes:

  • 28 technology cards
  • 2 double sided player boards (2 new teams!)
  • 2 double sided character tiles (4 new characters!)
  • 2 13-card movement decks
  • 1 rulebook


New technologies are introduced for your airship to use before the game begins. This will include new gadgets in the form of three cards that will be available for play as anKings of Air and Steam Worlds Fair action. They may be time-use, end game scores, or remain permanently in play. I think this addition will add a great amount of strategic value to the game and could potentially revive any emotionally depreciated experiences from overplaying (which hasn’t happened yet). You will also enjoy new teams/ship that add more players, which capitalize thieir abilities on the new tech cards or minimizing your footprint on the board. Kings of Air and Steam Worlds Fair

Kings of Air and Steam Worlds Fair seems to be a nice addition to the already impressive steam punk experience. Adding a nice variety of components and characters to improve on minimizing the games replay exhaustion. This already curiously explorative transport of goods game is not something you come by often, with this expansion– it only expands on the immersion we’ve all experienced during gameplay.




Tmg World’s Fair- Source Kickstarter


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