Kingdom Hearts 3 Lucky Marks All Location Crutch

I have been looking for help finding all the Lucky Marks in Kingdom Hearts 3 without having the big give away reveal of the location. I’d like to know how many to find in each area without given the absolute location of it. In this post I will break down each level with how many Lucky Marks are available in each Section of the map versus the exact location of it. That way the game doesn’t lose it’s fun of exploration while still not soaking up more time running around aimlessly. 

Once again, this isn’t an exact location post since there are plenty of those, my post will keep the fun of exploration available while not having you run around aimlessly looking in the wrong area for the marks. Happy hunting!

Mind you, if you need a reward tier, it will be below all of the levels explanations.

Twilight Town

There are 9 photos to take in Twilight Town and the first one (which you need to take a photo of again to really get the lucky mark) is obvious (1).

Within this same area of the game there will be two more mickeys (3);

and before reaching the Forrest there will be 2 more (5).

In the Forrest you will find 3 more (8) with the last one being by the mansion (9).


Olympus is interesting because there is not much back tracking since the map is relatively linear. So for this section I will mention the amount of mickeys before reaching the next area of the map.

Keep in mind, there are not many hidden mickeys within the very very first area of the map so get past the first area before you begin your wild hunt. There are four hidden mickeys before reaching the “climbing” section.

You will find another 4 during the cliff section (8).

There are three within the corridor and the smithing area with the last mickey being found on Cloud Peak.

Toy Box

I love the map a lot thus far and honestly found this map to be one of the easier maps for a blind run at the hidden mickeys. Before leaving to Galaxy Toys you will find 5 of the lucky marks, one being in Andy’s room (the very obvious one seen in the cutscene).

Galaxy Toys will have 3 on the first floor, (one being toward end level). One in the ducts, one from the third floor getting into the second floor, and lastly, I no specific order, the balloons in the baby room, reason I give this away. It’s hard to lineup–effort on it’s own.

Kingdom of Corona

Similar to Olympus, this level is pretty linear so it’s simple to find yourself running around the map with no direction¬† and a camera open looking in all nooks and crannies. No need for that! The 9 are easy to find, just sucks with such big maps only really holding about 1 lucky mark per area.

1 in the forrest

2 in the swamp (3)

1 in the garden (4)

5 in the main area (9)


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The Caribbean 

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San Fransokyo

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100 Acre Woods

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Rewards Tier

Finally, here are the rewards per target amount

1AP Boost
5Expert’s Ring
10Thundara Trinket
15Moon Amulet
20Magic Boost
25Star Charm
35Buster Band +
40Power Boost
45Master Necklace
50Wisdom Ring
55Defense Boost
60Orichalcum Ring
65Cosmic Belt+
70Royal Ribbon
90Mickey Brooch