King of Tokyo (Expansions)


JmHboMVIf you have played KING OF TOKYO, you will love the expansions that Richard Garfield has created. For those who have not gotten their hands on this game, it is very simple. We are playing as various monsters trying to take over the city of Tokyo. We win by getting 20 victory points or if we are the last monster alive. To get into Tokyo and earn victory points, we roll 6 dice that have a 1, 2, 3 value which equal the amount of victory points received (get 3 of a kind in order to receive that amount; 3, 3, 3= 3 VP). A lightning symbol which gives an energy cube where you can buy power up cards which can give you different abilities such as gaining victory points or receiving an extra die as long as you maintain control of the card.The claw symbol is an attack. If you are in Tokyo you do damage to all other monsters outside of the city, but if you are outside, you do damage to only the monster inside the city. And finally, a heart symbol to heal yourself (which can only be used when you are not in control of Tokyo).


So semi-brief overview of the game! But the Halloween Collector Pack 1 expansion and the Power Up! expansion add a little more strategy to your gameplay.


pckNyGwThe POWER UP! expansion includes the monster Pandakaϊ and introduces evolution cards that work for each character. During your turn, if you roll 3 hearts, you draw the top evolution card, even if you are in Tokyo. Keep the card secret then reveal whenever you want to play it (you also get to use the hearts to heal yourself if you are not in Tokyo). There are both permanent and temporary evolutions which are kept in play after revealed or discarded after being revealed, respectively.


For Halloween, there are 2 new monsters: Pumpkin Jack and Boogie Woogie as well as new power up cards called Costumes. The Costume cards are played the same way as a keep power up card but can be stolen by another monster. In order to do this, you roll 3 claws and you can steal a costume from any monster you damaged. You pay the energy cost of the costume to the monster you stole from. This allows for some friendships to get broken instantly. We are talking Mario Party status here. Oh, and the Halloween expansion comes with 6 new orange dice along with some evolution cards for the new characters!


Final thoughts- The expansions stick with the same gorgeous artwork and add some more strategy to this basic game. If you already own King of Tokyo and don’t have the expansions I would recommend it!

Also shout out to The Broken Token for creating a game organizer for the game which stores both the original game and the expansions in one box!

Website found here: The Broken Token

Power up expansion
Halloween expansion


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Graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Social Science. Her favorite mechanics are worker placement, set collecting, modular board, and card drafting.

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