King Chocolate board game preview

king chocolateKing Chocolate board game preview

Chocolate has never been this sweet (I crack myself up sometimes). King Chocolate is a board game soon to be by MayFairGames.

The cacao tree goes through 6 steps in order to become chocolate. As a business partner you are quite busy helping out your customers and keeping in touch with your suppliers to make sure business is flowing well. Don’t worry, you aren’t in this alone! Luckily your competitors are in the same batch and would be glad to have you on board. This is a cooperative opportunity to make a bit of a fortune selling everyones favorite translation of love. Right?  Unfortunately, things always get complicated when money is involved.

So, it seems you might have to manipulate your competitors into letting you produce the most money in order to win. How? Well, keep in mind that sometimes your customers and suppliers can help you out–scratch their back and they’ll scratch yours type of work. You may have to create monopolies, cut off supply chains, and disrupt other players plans. I mean, you need to be King Chocolate somehow right? Maybe have a few “I’m sorry” letters on hand in case things get heated… I’d hate for the chocolate to melt.

King of Chocolate will play from 2- 5 players and average around 45 for game play. For more information and for my source click here