Kickstarters of the Month: Fourth Friday Fun Fund #5

fourth friday fun fund

Kickstarter of the Month: Fourth Friday Fun Fund #5

Week #5 for the Fourth Friday Fun Fund! Kickstarter Board Games thing. So let us get started. Today, We’ll be showing you videos and progress of some awesome new games that look great and seem promising. So check them out and see if they seem your type! All the content you see below is from each project’s kickstarter. I felt it would only make sense to have them tell you about their board games rather than hear my opinion on them. Why is this? I may not have played all of them and wouldn’t feel right giving my opinion on something I haven’t played, and if I have played it–I’d rather not share my thoughts on something I’d played when It’s being showcased next to something I haven’t played. With that being said, Enjoy!

 Jackal Archipelago

Pirates disembark on Treasure Island and try to find as much gold as possible. Each player controls 3 sailors, who can move around the island, carry found treasures, fight enemies, and find adventures. If you’re someone who likes digging for buried treasure, fighting pirates, meeting crocodiles, looking down the barrel of a cannon, and dragging gold back to your ship, then shiver me timbers, this just might be the board game for you!

True Story

Draw cards and tell stories. They can be true or they can be false. Everyone will guess whether it be the former or latter–then you all drink based on the outcome! Majority incorrectly guessed your story, they drink, the majority guess correctly, you drink twice, it’s a collective mix, you all drink!

2 Player board game featuring player 1 as, A brave band of Dwarvens quest from the Iron Peak to raid the Troll’s lair, where they will steal back their Relic. They enter the Troll’s cave with 6 Dwarven Lancers and 2 Dwarven Warriors. All Lancers have removable Great Lances (toothpicks) that can be pinned into the Troll’s huge feet. This Troll will be played by player 2–As the enormous, smelly, Mountain Troll, you will control its huge feet and powerful Hammer as well as two large Cave Spiders. The Troll needs to fend off the greedy dwarves to protect his Relic. Did we mention Dwarves are good eatin’?!

I Meme It (Student Project!)

a card game called I Meme It, which is similar to Cards Against Humanity. The basic premise is the central card is replaced with a picture, and players take it in turns to offer what they think the best caption would be from a choice of caption cards in their hands.


Joseph Nicholas

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