Jail Break Kickstarter Preview

Jail Break Kickstarter Preview
jail breakJail Break is a 2- 6 player modular play card game. You are trying to escape from prison by collecting the 3 resources out of the 24 card Jail. Once you locate the Blueprint resource you’ll be able to create the outline of your “escape” through a secret room known by yourself only. The card game provides players with Jail Break cards, officer cards, and resources. The Jail Break cards identify the “natural actions” going on in prison. While trying to devise your escape, prison life IS still very alive and that doesn’t always necessarily turn out for the best. Officer cards create the guard activity by having them move around the board to keep the prison more lively. Staying idol your character may not always be the safest choice–if a cop lands on you, lose a card and head to solitary. The resource cards are used to activate “end game” once you’ve received your 3 resources and the blue print.

Jail Break focuses on emphasizing it’s uniqueness being able to create a very dynamic experience whether you’re randomly choosing an inmate as your character or if you’d like to style the prison differently. The active guards delivers that bit of immersion that prevents the game from getting stale. You’ll consistently be on your toes avoiding guards and surviving prison (until you escape).
“The fun part of the game is that your strategy can vary with every game that you play. Try to quickly move through the board to get resources and escape, or sit tight and attack other players, trying to steal resources instead. Other elements to your strategy include how (and which) officers you move, how you play the cards in hand, and how you take advantage of your mugshot skills.” -Victor Carungi
Their kickstarter is running and is live here


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