Review: Into the Rabbit Hole

Into The Rabbit Hole

 Game: Into The Rabbit Hole Time: 10- 15 minutes
 Publisher: Kinaju Games Age: 7+
 Players: 2- 4

into the rabbit holeHow exciting is it to finally beat a game that you’ve been tackling for quite some time? My first experience with Hanabi left us wanting more as we could get no more than a few petty claps toward the end of our fire work career. Every game we’ve managed a few more points and a couple more people to appreciate our firework show. Something about our cooperative failure pushed us to keep trying… To develop the spectacle of a fire work show people are expecting to see. With a bit of a stretch on the way the rules suggest we play (emphasizing colors and numbers) we finally managed to make all the fire works and win the game. Hanabi has been a very unique experience to our gaming groups because that is the only game we’ve brought to the table that has sparked such a commotion and motivation for winning.

We’ve recently received a few card games from Kinaju Games. Kinaju Games develops and brings to life some really exciting small card games. They all offer a different style of play and can finish in under 10 minutes. So I’d suggest you get your filler card games from them. Today I tried out Into the Rabbit Hole, a light cooperative card game about moving rabbits from the fields to their home, the hills. In Into the Rabbit Hole, you are restricted to certain moves and it IS possible you’ll be losing. A lot. While returning the rabbits home you’ll be encountering obstacles such as eagles, foxes, rain clouds, and the games leading villain, no more moves. To start the game, shuffle the deck, draw 4 cards, and open a rabbit hole next to the deck. On your turn, take a card from the deck, place a card, and move a rabbit. Keep in mind your rabbits can only exist on 1 hole at a time, and obstacles can plug up holes and make actions unavailable.

into the rabbit holeI’ll describe a bit of the game we played as well as a few rules to keep in mind. While the card game can play up to 5 players, we endured a 2 player experience. Two of the four obstacles can be removed by their pairing card, I’ll list out the removal card before the obstacles: hound handler with the dog, sun with the cloud. The remaining obstacles remain until the end of the game. Each row of rabbit holes can excess no further than 4, but can end at 3. You end a row with a hill card. While at first I was skeptical about the obstacle cards, I see how prevalent they are now. Eventually, your rabbit hole cards will grow thin. You’ll have no other options BUT to play the obstacles cards. Prevention methods are never obvious and we always have to work with what we had. Eagle card? Should we turn off the row of rabbit holes that are pushing 4 cards or turn off our 2? Are we willing to lose more movement or more rabbits?

Final thoughts: Into the Rabbit Hole creates a similar engagement of that of Hanabi, you WILL be losing. We want to win but have yet to find a good strategy to push our score any higher than high 10 (you need 18 to win). It’s innovative and pushes the envelope for small tactical card games. Would recommend to a friend.


Joseph Nicholas

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Indietabletop. Communication major. Favorite mechanics include: Bluffing and Deduction, modular boards, and action point allowance. Favorite video game genres are Rpgs, Puzzles games, and Sim/Tycoons.

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