Incantris kickstarter Preview

incantrisWhat is the game?

We are bringing our new board game Incantris to Kickstarter on September 7, 2016. It is a game of magical combat for two to four players. Each player controls a team of three wizards, each with unique spells and abilities. The teams of wizards compete against one another in one of four different scenarios. Each team of wizards is suited for a different style of play. This means that although the teams are balanced, they are also asymmetric. This lets players experiment with different strategies while still getting into the game quickly because the teams are ready right out of the box.

How do you play?

In a nutshell, each player can activate one wizard per turn. That wizard may either move and cast a spell, or cast a spell and then move. Movement is handled through movement points and spell casting is conducted with custom casting dice. For direct damage spells, the casting player tries to roll as many green wands as possible. The player whose wizard is being attacked tries to roll as many purple wards as possible. Each ward cancels a wand. For direct damage spells, the targeted wizard takes damage equal to the number of wands remaining.
But there are also a number of “utility” spells that can produce a variety of effects. They can curse other wizards, entangle them in vines, or conjure a casting circle that enhances spells cast within it. But a great part of the spell casting system is that each wizard uses a particular power source to cast spells. Each wizard wards differently against spells from different power sources, so part of the strategy of spell casting is to cast spells on wizards which are the weakest against your wizard’s power source.
How the players win depends upon the scenario being played. Of course there is a “battle royale” where players try to kill all the opposition wizards, but there are also other scenarios where players try to sap crystals of energy or capture as many crystals as possible.
If you would like more information, the rulebook and complete print-and-play is available at

Is there anything else you would like to say about it?

We designed Incantris to satisfy hardcore gamers while still being accessible and enjoyable to more casual gamers. We wanted Incantris to be a game that dedicated gamers want to play, but also one that they can pull out with minimum effort and get other playing quickly, even if they are not as hardcore. We think we achieved that.
Oh yes – and if you do have a gaming group that would like to play all the Incantris scenarios as part of a campaign, we have the rules for that. Your wizards can even gain experience and acquire new equipment between games to carry with then into the next game.
We are very much looking forward to the Kickstarter campaign. We hope to see everyone there!

Joseph Nicholas

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