House rules

Game: House Rules (Self Published)Players: 3- 6
Time: 45 minutesAge: 12+
Difficulty:Replay Value: lower

House Rules

House rules is a 2-4 player take that card game that played in 45 minutes. This game has players play weapons to break opponents defenses collecting points for each win. Rules are played to alter the gameplay and you’re weapons can juggle if you want to play fast or play strong. I do think the rulebook is able to push the play of the game pretty well but I found a few hiccups, but nothing that’s game breaking. Let’s see it. 

Likes and Don’t Likes

I don’t like there is no artwork! Honestly, I like the idea that we can write our own weapons but more on this in a second, for a 45-minute game? I’d like to see some visual graphics of these weapons. The game has a lot of cards already, and the rules are wordy so I felt at times, I just focused on the number in the corner to rush through the remaining rounds in the game. but I think being able to write in your own cards is a cool incorporation because I took advantage of drawing, but I do wish the weapons had a bit more customization than a name change but that’s what the rules are for I assume.

The game’s direction doesn’t inspire word creativity, so writing in our own weapon among a lot of other weapons might road bump the games pace. But seriously, when delt low leveled cards and not having any ability cards to counter can get mundane. But hey, there are some high points to this game. 

I do like how unique the rules can make the gameplay. Each rule can really change or alter strategies being used, for example, my favorite, odds and even cards being played can multiply the value of the weapon. With the right hand and group, the game can be the edge of seat extreme. Some of the rules when played together and make this anyone’s game. Speaking of playing your chosen rules to alter the game, I like that we can write in our own weapons if we want. It doesn’t have any effect on the game besides being a customizable weapon, so if you’re having fun with it, it’s an interactive way to involve players. 

house rules

Final thoughts

I think house rules is a lengthy take that card game that could benefit for more artwork. I love some of the rules alterations to the game and wish there was a bigger focus on game alterations rather than big number take little number. The game is a solid take that but I think it should shed some of the invitations toward our creative side allowing us to draw because it just doesn’t translate well with the game. I also feel if you run through 1 or even 2 rounds instead of 3. If this is something you’re looking for, tell me what weapon you’d write in!


Joseph Nicholas

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