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Horrible Games

Horrible Games is a company that introduced us to some highly memorable titles such as Steampark, Comix, Dungeon Fighter, and Potion Explosion. These are titles that truly represent what quality and a unique mix of mechanics can get you. Steampark, in my opinion, is by far one of the absolute favorite boardgames. It has you building a theme park for robots by buy rides, attracting visitors, and keeping your park tidy. The game plays four players but has an expansion being released soon giving players five player limit. Another fantastic board game that has never missed a game night is Dungeon Fighter. This is a cooperative dungeon crawling board games with four expansions representing each element. This game uses a fun sense of humor to defuse an almost super difficult cooperate gameplay that only asks for another go every time the game is lost.

But aside from the game, this is a company that offers more than quality content. The people of Horrible Games are great, they’ve given us the opportunity to review games by them and allowed us to do an interview! We want to thank them for helping us get started back in 2015 and keeping contact with us over the years seeing how we are doing. If you want some board games that are truly fun and unique and will always see the table, make sure to check Horrible Games out.

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