Horrible Games Alone how to play

Horrible Games Alone how to play

Alone is a sci-fi dungeon crawler by Horrible Games. This is a 1 player versus all with asymmetrical gameplay. The hero goes through the dungeon solving missions while the evil players control the map.

This is a quick Alone how to play I came up with under 20 minutes. I will begin by going over the setup and how each side of the game works between hero and evil players. I will then follow with the gameplay starting with hero actions then by Evil player reactions. What is great is how different each player plays. The Hero is traversing through corridors similar to a dungeon crawler, completing missions and fighting creatures. The Evil player(s) are actually creating the labyrinth, unfolding the new area’s while the hero moves. They will be placing the creatures, moving them around, and trying their best to stop the hero from succeeding.

There are a multitude of missions to complete and a great deal of inventory, creatures, and map setups to give this game a fantastic ride for its money–the longevity is there with replay value. Enjoy my how to play video of Alone by Horrible Games, may it teach you the basics and essentials to introduce you to the mechanics before really diving into the rulebook.

Enjoy Alone how to play


The Evil players always have the full map of the scenario in front of them, hidden behind a huge screen. They manage all the events happening during the game, and try to stop the Hero from completing his objectives.

The Hero can only see the Sector of the map he is in, and from there he will have to explore the map. All kind of horrors may be hiding in the darkness, so he will have to be cautious. At the end of each round, the portions of the map he explored will be removed from the table: only the Sector he is in will stay visible… the Hero will have to put his memory to test, if he doesn’t want to get lost!