Hoax Preview by Fantasy Flight Games

Hoax Preview

hoax preview

This Hoax preview will be covering plot and game play. Hoax is a 10- 20 minute board game for 3- 6 players about being the best liar. Hoax was developed by Bill Eberle in 1981 and is looking at a second edition published later this year. Inheritance takes the beast out of most people and in this case (the games case) you are one of the seven trying to strike it rich. Through deceit you will deduce and amass resources to eliminate your opponents in order to obtain the inheritance from Mr. Vargas (the guys who you are inheriting from).

For this Hoax preview I’ll provide a bit of information on game play. The idea is that everyone is pretending to be someone they are not; you are one of the seven secret identities (members of the family) selling to your opponents that you are someone else (from said seven). Like most bluffing games, your objective is to catch your opponents in their lie. However, if you’re accusation is false–you’re out of the game. Investigate players and avoid falsely accusing people to be the last (and most cunning) player in the game to win. Source



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