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Heroes Gold

heroes gold

In most board games you play as the heroic enders of evil and monsters. Fighting off foes and protecting what if yours (and collecting the most victory points to win). From thief to paladin, we have all experienced in some way, a very exciting battle of moral and honorable conquering. Well, this is no longer the case (at least if you play this game). In Heroes Gold, you play as a group of monters traversing through castles destroying guards and collecting treasures along the way. Link

Heroes Gold is played in as many rounds as their are players playing through 3 phases: Placement, Resolution, and Cleanup. Each player will receive a unique set of 5 cards of their chosen race ranging in strength and healing. You and your opponents will be placing monsters over guard posts, battling guards, collecting treasure, and working your way towards the king. Failed battles end your turn and when all rounds are over, count your coins and declare victory if you have the most between you and the players. Successfully funding in September 2015. Queens Games will be releasing Heroes Gold in Q1 of 2016.





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