Heat: Heists and Treasure Review

 Game: Heat Time: 20 minutes
 Publisher: Asmadi Games Age: 13+
 Players: 3- 5 Replayability: 6/10

heatHeat Review

heat“Ladies and gentlemen, we have a big job ahead of us. One that will make worth more digits than a phone number. The job is simple. Play cards from your hand that

acquire your money. The more money you make, the more you win. These heists aren’t simple. No. They’ll be tricky– watch your heat meter, because if it gets too high. You ALL lose, and I won’t be getting you out of that jumble. You’re expendable. I could always start a new game when you all lose this one.”

Heat is a very impressive card drafting heist themed game for 3- 5 players. Drafting cards into your hand is easy: Deal a 5 card pile face down to each player in the game. That player will draw the top two cards from this deck and pass one of those cards to their left. Each player then draws a card from their pile, taking both the drawn card and the card passed over to you. Then repeat this three times. Once you have your starting hand (of five cards) you begin playing cards (labeled A, B, or C) from your hand to your ‘record’ face down (The spot in front of you available for everyone to see). Everyone playing will Simultaneouslyreveal their card. This begins the resolving stage which involves resolving cards starting from the A cards then revealing in sequential order to the C cards. Three heists later, the game is over. If you have the most money. You are the winner.

The aesthetics  modestly include a simple color scheme based off card type. These simple card designs help translate the cards rules well. For example, The Crackdown card which includes a blue police officer expresses ‘Gaining a money value equal to your heat cost’. The state of affairs card, which plays as the mutual board for the game, helps you keep track of your heists and stages and keeps you aware of your heat level. To put it simple, this is a very impressive heist game cloaked in a minimal representation of the heist theme.

Final Thoughts

heatI have a high standard for any depiction of heist themed games and I was impressed with Heat. Although it doesn’t pit you against bank blueprints, or cracking codes for the good loot. It does a great job detailing the ‘behind the scenes’ of a score. Do I think this game will attract attention? Most certainly, bank robbing isn’t a walk in the park– It’ll definitely be noticed. Would I recommend it to everyone? Depends on your game group size. For those of you who are a salt and pepper mix (2 or less players) I wouldn’t. But as soon as you adopt a third player. This is the one I’d like you to try out.



Joseph Nicholas

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