Hat Trick Soccer Tabletop Preview

hat trickWhat is the game about?

Hat-Trick is a card-driven football simulation that convincingly recreates a football (soccer) match, building a unique narrative each time you play. Both players take on the roles of football managers. Our main goal when we created this game was to replace luck, chance and randomness by high realism and replayability. The ‘Players’ expansion takes this concept even further by giving you 22 player types and 44 skills to customize your team any way you see fit. Combined with 24 fully customized, up-to-date and ready to play national teams and the possibility of recreating any team worldwide with the help of Budget Cards, the game opens a vast myriad of combinations, leaving you with full control yet staying unpredictable at the same time. Hat-Trick is fairly easy to learn, but almost impossible to master.

How do you play it?

The match is played on a dynamic pitch constructed from 20 Player Cards – 10 in each team. Both managers receive 3 goalkeeper cards to save shots, and 32 Action Cards to perform passes, send crosses or dribble past opponents. The 3 types of shooting cards are used to perform different kinds of shots, while yellow and red cards are awarded for foul play.

To score goals you’ll need to capitalize on the scoring opportunities you create. Scoring opportunities result from strong build-up play.

When you move a player during build-up play, you basically use his stats to strengthen the line you have moved into (and weaken the one you have left). In other words a big part of the build-up game is about balancing your formations, just like in real football.

Once you’re near to your opponents goal a Scoring Opportunity is created. Scoring Opportunity is similar to the buid-up play but much faster. This time the focus is set on player movement and choosing the perfect timing to perform your actions.

And finally, everybody’s favorite part, no matter it it is real football or Hat-Trick. To some extent the shoot on goal is a mini-game of bluffing and mind reading and therefore the only part of the game where a bit of luck is involved. Make your appointments with the Football Gods!

What to expect with the kickstarter?

We want to share the fruits of our passion for games and football. Since we have zero marketing budget and because we are almost completely absent from social media, crowdfounding seams like the obvious choice for not letting this beautiful game go under everybody’s radars.

Any last comments?

Play Hat-Trick at least 3 times before you judge it.  And then please – do comment on it, preferably in public.


Joseph Nicholas

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Indietabletop. Communication major. Favorite mechanics include: Bluffing and Deduction, modular boards, and action point allowance. Favorite video game genres are Rpgs, Puzzles games, and Sim/Tycoons.