Halloweeja The Spooky Question Party Game

 Game: Halloweeja Players: 4- 10
 Publisher: Scavenger Eye Studios Time: 30 minutes
 Age: 13+ Replayability 6.5/10

halloweejaHalloweeja The Spooky Question Party Game

Halloween meets ouija in this party question game including card czars and who has the best fitting answers. In Halloweeja, you are trying to spell a password given to you early game which contains capital and lower case letters. Some examples of these cards are CRYPTS, LURKING, or INSAniTY. To begin, the czar opens the Book of Hijinks and matches his birthday to a question (the czar will switch every round). Once the question is read, every player writes their answer on a piece of paper and prepares to place their colored pumpkin token (also handed to them early game). The czar shuffles and reads each answer and tries to match the answer to the player who wrote it. The players will then place their pumpkin token on a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ depending on if they wrote the answer or not. Once all players have been fished out by the czar, you will tally up how many yes’s you have and begin movement around the ouija board. The board contains letters and numbers similar to the classic ouija that you will be moving around to unlock specific letters that match your capital letters on your password. Every yes is a movement around the board and wherever you stop is the letter chosen and unlocked for everyone to see. First player to unlock their password wins!

Halloweeja is a functional party game that incorporates modern party game mechanics with the theme of Halloween. Each calendar day in the Book of Hijinks represents a new sub-theme of the Halloween spirit which can elevate variety in playthroughs. On top of the czar experience, Scavenger Eye Studios provides each player with a hand of cards that can alter the state of the game and add that spice of strategy. The game is currently provided by The Game Crafter so quality is always subject to change. The rules are both written out and acted out through comic strip which really helped us learn how to play the game.

halloweejaMy Experience

I played this with a variety of people in order to get a better judgment on the game. My birthday lands on a 9, so I began my Halloweejourney asking a question from 10 (because it said so). “If you were invisible, what prank would you be sure to pull off?” All the answer had to do with creating minor annoyances that built large stress levels so I had a blast trying to match each answer to the person mean enough to do it. ‘Turning off all the water lines around neighboring restaurants’ has got to be my favorite and somewhat relatable of the ones listed so I assumed it was from my server friend who was playing. I was correct, her token was moved to the ‘yes’ section of the board. Another person wrote ‘the drive-through prank.. But for real!’ so I knew whose humor this was and was also correct. With three other players in the game, I was able to match all three answers to their players. My password was CORPSE, so I made sure to unlock the C as soon as I hit the Ouija board.

The player to my left read the ‘C’ question from the day nine in the Book of Hijinks (because letters match new questions). “If there was a monster Olympics, name one monster sport it should have”. Now, if anyone is familiar with Sean of the Dead, you would know what and why my answer to this question is. Being my friends know me as a movie buff, they were expecting a reference to a movie, however, luckily they never saw the movie to begin with making finding my answer and matching it to me difficult. ;].

Final Thoughts

While a fun theme and an interesting concept blending party game esque with the ouija board–it’s still a party game. Party games have a certain hue to them meaning the fun in being a card czar is solely subjective. Do you know your players well? I you comfortable enough sharing personally written answers to them? It’s not always the easiest to adjust to. With that aside, it is a nice game set for high player counts, which is especially great for me since I’ve been having huge game nights lately. There is no learning curve and it is not very difficult to setup besides laying out the components. While there is variety within the game, the party game style may not suit everyone (but this may be biased, so don’t listen to me).

You will like this game if you’re looking for a party game great for the Halloween theme.

You will not like this game if you don’t like card czar motives and party games.




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