The Grimwood Card Game: Dark Themes and Set Collection Review

 Game: The Grimwood Time: 30 minutes
 Publisher: Adventure On Games Players: 12+
 Age: 2- 6 Rating: 8/10

The Grimwood Card Game

grimwood card gameSurprisingly, I went into this card game completely blind. Which I find interesting because I saw quite a bit on this gem through my surfing of the interwebz. I never had a chance to peek at their kickstarter nor read up on the topic (I obviously miss out on greatness). However, I am absolutely grateful I had the opportunity to try the Grimwood card game because it is absolutely fantastic! I’ll brief over the “how to” and jump straight into my experience with this game. The game can be summarized into a set collection, take that! card game. Each turn you will do 1 of 2 things: you can draw/steal up to two cards or you can play a cards action (when you play a rune or a supernatural). The sets that are collected can be played at anytime on your turn and accumulate points based on the collection acquired (ie- you have a set of animals, a variety of locations, so forth). The game ends when the draw deck is depleted.

My Experience

All I can say is wow. This was one heck of an experience and again I went into this title blind. The illustrations and the theme of the cards is captured very well. I can feel the suggestive evil in each villainous character and the eerie text flavored with the dark backdrop does a great job at creating the mystery of the forest we seem to be in. The game play is quick and fulfills the desire for a filler between a light conversation. Being this game relies on set collecting, the strategy is more internal and doesn’t expect much out of your concentration (which I love). I’m not saying that this game has no strategy, because that would be a lie, the strategy is far more impulsive I feel as the cards come and go. A gripe I may have? The drawing is (obviously) random so winning could be related to luck of the draw rather than actual strategy, which could be a turn off.

My game play of The Grimwood card game consisted of just me and a buddy. Our 2 player experience was a lot of fun and I felt that it could easily run flawlessly at that amount and could potentially fit in a push for 7 or 8 (This is 1 or 2 over the limit they suggest, which may be a bit of a hard push). Right off the bat we could begin playing, the rule book was an easy read and fits finely in the box which I appreciate. Our strategies are fairly different (which means that it’s possible, yay), and I think there is no “right” way to play it. I was more conservative, I watched how I played my cards and kept my supernatural combos low and numerous. My buddy was a lot more aggressive. He began stacking his supernaturals to 5 as quick as possible (leaving him with smaller hands and less options). He took advantage of the stealing option and had some pretty great supernaturals (one that I loved was the combo switcher… He’d switch his 1 card combo supernatural with my 3 location combo). I was lucky to grab a lot of the artifact runes (which prevent stealing) so it was nice interrupting his aggro with something. In the end I lost, but I wasn’t too far behind. I blame it on the lucky supernaturals he pulled and my inability to shuffle a deck correctly.

Finals Thoughts

grimwood card game

A few of the Supernaturals

The Grimwood card game is a fantastic card game that I would highly recommend owning. The combination of being easy to learn and portable makes this a go-to for outings. I’d rate this 5/5 for being a good gateway as it takes no more than 2 minutes to learn and it doesn’t rely on heavy mechanics or a lot of components to play–so there is no learning curve and not a lot to need to explain (never playing 5 tribes with my mother. ever. ever. again). Would I recommend it? AB-SOUL-LOOT-LEE

You will like this game if you are into set collection and dark themes. It’s a quick and easy to learn card game with a slight tinge of strategy involved.

You will not like this game if you’re not a fan of set collection. The game solely revolves around that feature and while you can use cards to apply actions; it’s nothing that adds variety the main component.


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