Gridopolis: Matrix Review

Game: Gridopolis: MatrixReplay Value: Low
Age: 8+Players: 2- 4
Time: 30+Difficulty: easy,

Checkers is a classic game of strategy alongside the og’s such as chess, go, backgammon, and so much more. Gridopolis is the remake of checkers with a lot of new and fun options available to modernize the hit classic. Don’t take this for a replica of checker, it has a lot of game play that is different, but it definitely takes from the ordinary and incorporates it’s own twist to it. Gridopolis is a checkers like board game with multiple (3 dimensional) layers that can be played for 8+ and 2- 4 players. A couple noticeable traits at first look is the box size, the types of component available, and the build-your-own board.

This game comes with over 200 pieces including board set-up and pawns, a rulebook, and the box. Each piece consists of discs, poles, and accessories that can all be snapped together to build the board. With this being said, children could find this more fun as a building set versus a game.

What I don’t Like

The game takes an excessive amount of time to set up for a quick game of checkers. I almost feel like, with building components aside–this could have come with a couple of boards and some standees. With just one game for the box system so far, the set up outweighs the amount of time spent in game. The kids enjoy building more than the game–but even with that said the attention to the system itself does not last very long before moving on. The gameplay itself is similar to checkers, pawns move forward (up and down as well, but is consistent to how moving forward would look on a 2D board), the kings can move in all directions so that fell a bit flat.

What I Like

Gridopolis IS a functional game system and can definitely open the minds to creative games and concepts. Unfortunately, with a release of one game–it seems to be up to the players and the community of players (if we can find one) to build some playable games out of the system. The components themselves do get some playtime when the young children want to build tall towers and walk their pawns across the discs. The components and colors are definitely capturing. The player pieces are personally my favorite bit of this game being they fit so snug in the discs when both in pawn and king form. This is available for upto 4 players adding difficulty as player count rises; each player has to understand the strategy of being bombarded in all angles.

Final Thoughts

Gridopolis is a very interesting idea with a lot of opportunity for growth. Unfortunately, at this time, the game lacks enough game play for me to consider spending the effort to build the board up and gather people to play a couple rounds. The kids play it more for building less for the game provided and they get some joy out of it–however, for being both a game and a building system, it does not capture enough attention to either to keep playing.


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