Gold Thief Review

 Game: Gold Thief Players: 2- 5 (but could potentially play 6 – 8)
 Publisher: Asmadi Games Ages: 8+
 Time: 5 minutes Replayability: 6/10


gold thiefGold Thief

Gold Thief is a simple role card card game about collecting treasure. Not much is to be expected from this game. The artwork is a bit under par and the packaging wasn’t up to my standard (because I have my nose in the air for game boxes). But what did I find about this game that I enjoyed? It’s a classified filler. It’s a quick, hand managing card game about stealing gold. Each card available follows a role and aids you in your quest for it all.

Included in the box are a tray of 25 gold marbels, an assortment of 44 action cards, and 19 goal cards. Deal out 1 goal card, 3 action cards,  and 5 gold to each player. In order to win you want to fluctuate your gold pieces to represent the numbers listed on the goal card. For example, a goal card that desires 0 or 6 gold translates to you taking actions in order to relieve yourself of any value or gain 1 more gold. If at the start of the next turn you have been consistent with your goals. Flip the goal card up and score! Mind you, you aren’t the only one playing and other players WILL be wanting to settle their differences through fluctuating their gold as well.

What can we expect from Gold Thief, with a little over 60 cards and 25 marbels? A few characters, quick and easy moves, and an engaging time. The theif allows you to steal 2 gold on your turn or steal 1 gold on someone elses turn. The guard allows you to give anyone 1 gold on your turn and cancel the theif card on someone elses turn. The witch can steal a card from another player, and can act as a thief on someone elses turn. The faerie lets you replace your goal card, and can cancel the guard or witch card. Last but not least, the ninja lets you draw 3 new actions and lets you score a goal on someone elses turn.

Final Thoughts

My feelings are mixed but my enjoyment will be clear. The game is fun. I love the roles each card is given. I am a fan of Coup and Love Letter and I can easily settle this game in that same category. The more people playing the crazier Gold Thief gets and there is no need to settle on the 5 players limit when you can use anything for gold. Did I mention Gold Thief is only $8?

gold thief


Joseph Nicholas

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