God Hates Charades

Game: God Hates Charades61RKCF4MHXL._SL1000_

Publisher: God Hates Games

Players: 3- 15

I’ve worked a handful of customer service jobs that required me to maintain some sort of proper forum. From serving ice cream, to hosting, to bank telling, to serving and bartending–I’ve pretty much done it all, and I can proudly wear my badge for becoming increasingly awkward with my customers. I’m not sure exactly what it is that makes customer service be the most awkward thing to do considering I’ve been doing it for 5+ years, but my awkward personality tends to really reel in those regulars. I’m often told that I’m extremely animated, “but in a good way” (a.k.a. you’re weirder than most bartenders) and I’m really funny, but in a less obvious way (see previous parentheses). At any rate, my increasingly awkward and animated personality has made me the best charades player. Specifically a God Hates Charades player. If you are at least a tiny bit as animated and awkward as me, with a healthy grasp of television and pop culture, you will absolutely love God Hates Charades by God Hates Games.

Got Hates Charades is not intended for your grandmother’s ears (unless yours is anything like 51Zmu8PvIVLhow my grandmother was, she was wittier than your average). At any rate, imagine playing charades, where you must act out things using gestures and words not found on the card, but elevated by the clever wit of “Jimmy Stewart untangling a slinky” or “Beetlejuice is a time traveling cop.” Now imagine trying to act these out. In addition to your grandmother that might take some offense to this, the game is recommended for ages 17+, and for good reason: any younger and most people won’t have full appreciation for the actors in the deck of 200 actors and 200 scenarios. The actors you could potentially select can range anywhere from Andy Griffith to That Fat Kid From “Lord of the Flies” (Piggy), with painstakingly hilarious scenarios to follow.

The actual game play of God Hates Charades is relatively simple: find 3-15 players, have the person who is closest to death draw 4 cards (2 actor and 2 scenario), that person picks one actor and one scenario, the person acts it out, other players guess the scene. Once someone guesses the scene correctly (or gets the Gist of the cards correct), the actor will keep the actor card and give the scenario card to the guesser. These cards are used as points, and the first player to 7 cards will initiate the final round, where each player will get to be an actor one more time. After this first round, the player to the left of the current actor will follow the same turn sequence. Ties? According to God Hates Games, you are all freaks and should continue to play until someone wins. (I’m obsessed with the wittiness of the rule book, great read God Hates Games!)

There are only a few rules to God Hates Charades, and I promise they aren’t too hard to pick up. As the actor, you are allowed to talk, act, or do any gestures you need to get someone to guess the scene, just don’t say any of the words from your actor and scenario card! As a guesser, you must guess in actor-scenario format, in that order. You need to guess at least the Gist of the scene, but must have the right actor at the very minimum. There are game variants that you and your fellow party mates can do: playing with Spite (cards with a dude smited by lightening) or God Hates Everyone, but especially actors variant.¬† Both variants are for the people who want to add another dimension to the game, but I would argue that the game is pretty darn hilarious on its own.yr

My winning round was Don Draper getting eaten by a T-rex. Did I mention one of my favorite shows is Mad Men? Yeah, definitely a modern-day party game that will suit your awkward and animated soul. Perfect balance between pop culture and witty humor. Buy it. You won’t regret it.



Stephanie Am

Produces art in the form of food. Favorite mechanics include bluffing and deduction, set collection , point to point movement, and tile placement. Favorite video game genre is Puzzle games.

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