Gnomi Gold Expansion

gnomi gold expansion

Gnomi is a super impressive mini card game that I have been playing lately. To sum it up, you have a hand of three gnomes and four mushrooms and you are spending actions to be the last remaining player with active cards. One each turn, you will be using cards from your hand, these cards exhaust after you use it, so it is helpful to be strategic with what you use and how you use it.

The original game comes with an included expansion called the Gnomi gold expansion and what it adds to the game is a few more rounds and a bit more content. With the golden expansion, Players will run through the first round normally, once it ends the winner will grab a golden gnome (like a prince, king, queen, etc) while the runner up will grab a golden mushroom. These golden cards will have a gold price on them, which will tally at the end of the third round in the game to grant someone a winner.

Some expansions are often times convoluting and hinder players first time experiences, and sometimes these expansions do not even make it to the table because I’d be spending time teaching new players the original game first. Most of the first-timers do not want to play the same game twice in a row, and more or less, never see the expansion. With the golden expansion, it is easy to teach a first round of the original game (as the expansion says to do), then introduce the expansion for round 2 and 3.

If you are interested in the Gnomi gold expansion, it will come with a purchase of the original game.


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