Ginger Wars

Game: Ginger WarsGinger Wars

Developer: PmdGames

Players: 2- 6


Ginger Wars is a game of light-hearted battles and deliciously violent gingerbread opponents. The king of the Ginger Realm went missing and this lead to a divide between these doughy delights. Each of the 6 ginger bread lords are looking for the Ginger Relams traitor. Treason brings the cinnamon spice out of the Ginger people and war pursues, of course, through this combat will it result in a new leader. Victory is handed to the player who can completely build their Gingerbread person the fastest.  A great battle-it-out card game for all ages.

Ginger Wars

The games rules are tight–combatants deliver sugary-coated punches to steal their opponents broken cookie pieces for their own. The setup for the game is easy to follow. Begin by setting up your colored gingerbread person. Shuffle your correlated deck color, place it down, and draw out 5 cards. These are the cards you’ll be using for battle (This will always be drawn back up to 5). The deck includes: cards between 2- 10 (generic attacks), milk cards (supreme winner unless facing the raincoat), raincoat cards (supreme loser, unless facing the milk card), redirect cards (because no one wants to be the one being attacked), and switcheroo cards (because, your opponents hand was Ginger Warsnicer than yours). Ginger Wars incorporates light strategy into this card game by not only having you choose the appropriate cards to play and the appropirate player to battle,  but introduces classic strategic maneuvers to reign victorious. To be a Gingerbread master, you must read into your characters moves, count opponents cards to anticipate their next turn, and build your gingerbread person before anyone else.

If you’re a fan of battle-it-out card games Ginger Wars will do the job.  It’s quick and quirky game play compliments the ar
t work well. Cute gingerbread people will be karate chopping and candy cane tripping their opponents to pieces… for you to collect. Your built (and currently being built) gingerbread people collaborate almost flawlessly as you mix and match your opponents pieces to splice together an ultimate ruler.Ginger Wars

My final thoughts are that while the game play is easy to handle and the cards look and do the part. I feel like there could be a bit more tightening up. Ginger Wars is a fun, it offers quality fast paced gameplay and friendly tension between players. However, while it ‘works’ for 2 players, I’d recommend 3 or more to fully experience the games promise. So grab some eggnog and enjoy this holiday seasons cookie cutting war… The Ginger Wars.


Joseph Nicholas

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