Ghostbusters Board Game by Cryptozoic Entertainment


That’s right! We have a new Ghostbusters board game that has excessively funded itself up to 8th most funded boardgame on kickstarter! Cryptozoic Entertainment introduces to us one of the most story telling Ghostbusters’ games in history. Before I continue, Cryptozoic Entertainment has impressively interpreted some of the liveliest franchises such as: Portal, Adventure Time, The Walking Dead, The Hobbit, DC Comic deck-building games, and other series to board game translations. Each game possessing some fairly high scores across boardgamegeek and Amazon. So it’s possible that they know what they are doing.

Fans of the Ghostbusters series will absolutely love this game because most of it relies on the franchises stories to make up the campaigns. This
game relies on Ghostbuster scenarios to drive the game from iconic film monsters to the Ghostbuster comics. Each campaign offers 4 scenarios that can last from 30 minutes to several hours depending on difficulty and story and each finale will have you up against said iconic bosses. This game is for 1- 4 players to cooperatively enjoy ghostbusters-board-gamesome challening, innovative, and fun game play.

The game uses modular board setups to increase the replay value and structure limitless variants every game. Each game will use dice to resolve actions which calculate proton packs, ghost traps, and ghost movement. Each turn will consist of moving and activating players and their abilities, shooting proton streams, and completing objectives.

To summarize all of this:

Cooperative game play from 1- 4 players

Ghostbuster stories are converted into campaigns to play

variable player powers (of the 4 iconic ghostbusters)

and a mess of ghosts to battle.

For more (also our source) go here

View the trailer below!


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