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DSC_0294Games of Berkeley was nothing like I’ve experienced before. Games of Berkeley is a tabletop haven delivering the utmost variety of board games while staying up-to-date on puzzles, toys, and rpg books. The versatility of Games of Berkeley was endless–from top sellers like Kings of Tokyo and Smallworld, to classics like Monopoly or Cranium. When you enter games of Berkeley, you’ll be inclined to reach and grab everything in sight. I was impressed to say the least. I ran into a few indie games while soaking in the experience as well. They offered games like Lanterns: The Harvest Festival and Lords and Ladies–seeing this, you know know this store means business.

Upon arrival, we were given an extremely warm welcome from James and his female coworker. Although in many ways this is expected when you arrive to any store or business, the welcome was more genuine than your average. Stephanie and I perused the store, and what we both appreciated most about the experience is how laid back the environment was–the employees are extremely helpful, but not overbearing. The store is pretty hefty in sizegaegr for a game store, with a back room that contains what seems to be over a hundred games to play test, and a basement that had several rooms for all your gaming needs. I personally enjoyed the basement the most. The environment in the basement was very much like store–laid back and non-judgmental.

All in all, Games of Berkeley is definitely a store that you want to check out for all of your gaming needs. Whether you are in the area, or simply want to find new games to dive into, count on the Games of Berkeley to offer you a warm hello and a ton
of games to play test in one of those cool basement rooms.






Games of Berkeley’s “demo” wall with over 100 games!







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