Games Like Hanabi? Try Bomb Squad!

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Games Like Hanabi? Try Bomb Squad!

There are definitely mechanics existing at the moment I feel I’ve only seen used once if not a few times. Memory has always been a treat when introduced to a board game because it relies on cognition–a skill we developed throughout our experience, not just in board gaming. This skill used as a mechanic can make for some of the most charming experiences with your friends.

games like hanabiIf you’re a board gamer then you must be familiar with Hanabi. This 2010 hit introduced a memory hand management mechanic that no one has really seen since. Your hand will be facing away from you and you and your opponents will cooperatively remind players of their hand. Whether it be telling them their color or their number (cards are numbered 1-5 and are 5 different colors), you’ll be placing cards down that are colored coordinated and in¬†consecutive order to build fire works. Carefully place them down with no mistakes because you can only fail your team 3 times before finding yourself down to the last fuse. When the game ends (and it will plenty of times) count your cooperative score and set the game up to try again.

So what are Games like Hanabi? Bomb squad by Tasty Minstrel Games takes the notoriously hard mechanic of memory hand managements and develops a background story games like hanabito it. While you and your opponents will be cooperatively reminding players of their cards, whether it be hostages, doors, or movement–instead of building fireworks, you and your team are controlling a robot through a building to rescue hostages from a bomb threat. Timers, team cooperation, and a building of people to save–definitely the most stressful hour of your life. What is great is this title comes equipped with plenty of different iterations of the board correlating to a book of missions directed by TMG and perfectly balanced and skilled to your liking.

So if you like games like Hanabi, definitely seek out a copy of Bomb Squad!



Joseph Nicholas

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