Game Election: Play a Card Game While You Pick a Board Game!

 Game: Game Election Player 3- 6
 Publisher: Naturalist Games Time: 5+ minutes
 Age: 8+ Replayability: 8/10

game election

Game Election

Naturalist Games brings us another fantastic card game with unique features. Earlier I talked about Costume Partya social deduction card game that is no longer than 10 minutes. Game Election is an interesting little card game that has you and your game group decide on what game to play next. This is done by having each player participating choose a color and collect the deck of that color. Keep as many cards as their are games+ one. On your turn, you will lay out cards next to the game you want to play based on whether you want to play it or not. Cards available are: Yeah, nay, yeah yeah, and veto and all provide the game with either a positive or negative point. Once each card has been placed on a board game, any leftover cards can potentially be used as an action to influence the win toward your game. These actions can be but aren’t limited to cancels, switches, next game starting player choices, and so forth.

My Experience

I have to say we definitely had a good time using this card game in order to choose our next game to play. We had a selection of four board games to choose from for an up next and while we could have just picked one randomly–we thought “why not giving Game Election a try”. At first, we were confused as to what exactly we were doing. But for some reason, we could not stop laughing at the entire situation, we thoroughly had a great time playing a card game that’s goal is to pick our next game for us. I made sure to save a cancel card because I know for sure what game I was not interested in playing. So after I was able to play my yeah yeah on my choice, I made sure to cancel out a card on one of the games I knew a friend of mine wanted to play. This was followed by another friend using their swap position card to move things around (which worked in my favor).

Final Thoughts

The card game itself is very pretty to look at. It comes with a minimal design and easily accessible rules. Each card is a representative of their goal, either have a game win or lose–so it was nice how straightforward this could be. For a card game that has the objective of choosing our next game in mine, it’s nice to now this doesn’t take up to much time or work in order to use as a tool on our game night. Game Election is a card game for up to 6 players. It’s replay value is probably high even though it isn’t a full-on gaming experience. I will most likely bring it to every game night because for a five-minute card game, it brings a lot of laughs to the table.

You will like this game if you hate making decisions and would rather have a game help you with it.

You will not like this game if you’re wanting an actual full card game.



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