Fox and the Forest

Game: Fox and the ForestPlayers: 2
Time: 30 minutesAge: 10+
Difficulty: mediumReplay Value: lower

the fox and the forest

Fox and the forest

Today, I’ll be reviewing a 2 player trick taking game called Fox and the Forest by Foxtrot Games and plays about 30 minutes. To keep it simple, use trick taking mechanics to score 21 points. The learning curve is pretty in the middle for me. It’s not hard to learn but may take a few rounds to grasp the concept of leading cards, Trump cards, and what and why certain cards are played. Once understood it’s a super fun time. Let’s see it. 

Likes and don’t likes

The more I play this game the better it gets. Especially my first few rounds of play. Every turn we’d be slowly grasping the idea behind how this 2 player trick taking game responds to different strategies. Each turn is like, yes wait I got it! Oh, dude, this is awesome! Yeah, I need to stay in this specific range to score!. Scoring is super balanced and really makes you reconsider your entire strategy if you mess up. With each hand, There is ALWAYS a way to win. The artwork compliments the gameplay so much for some reason. Some cards offer special abilities and are illustrated to really Stan four and create importance among the regular suit cards. 

What I don’t like is tough to say with this game. Trick-taking isn’t for everyone as I’ve read and seen a lot of negativity toward this genre. I could see what they mean, this game is purely just challenging with a theme masking the core function of this card game. I also feel this game doesn’t add THAT much to the trick taking community. So the game can stall out compared to other types.

the fox and the forest

Final thoughts

I like this game a lot honestly. I could say it’s because trick taking wasn’t only recently introduced to my shelves. So it could be a honeymoon phase I’m sharing with this here game. Or I could genuinely enjoy the time it takes to learn and master this type of gameplay. The scoring is something different with scoring more points while contained in a certain amount of winsthe fox and the forest and losing in others. I find it fun and I like it. What do you think?

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