Flower Fall

 Game: Flower Fall Players: 2- 7
 Publisher: Asmadi Games Age: 6+
 Time: 10 minutes
Flower FallFlower Fall

I’ve played a hefty amount of games in my lifetime (some more than others) and never have I encountered a game so different than Flower Fall. A typical card game consist of a few mechanics, a few components, some illustrated graphics, and some friends to enjoy the blend of qualities with. But not today, because in Flower Fall we do everything that makes a card gamer go “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

Flower FallThe aim of Flower Fall is to throw your cards in the air to watch them tumble onto the ground. This is how you will collect points of course. Begin by placing down on the floor the larger with green flowers, greenery, and some white paths. Place them anywhere on the ground you’d like. Follow by having each player select a colored flower. This will consist of 12 cards which will incorporate both front and back sides. Take turns dropping cards from the top of the deck to the floor. You will want to have your flowers and the greenery make a continuous field around the green flowers. The green flowers represent points while the colored flowers indicate who owns the majority of those green flowers.

It sounds interesting and may be too much of a funky game for some to try out but I have to say. It’s not to play a game that flushes awayFlower Fall from the standard card game requisite. My group enjoyed this game. We ran around in circles measuring the perfect position, velocity, and pull of gravity to ensure our flowers falling safety. You can realistically play aggressively or conservatively. By using both sides of the cards, you can attempt to cover your opponents flowers with your flowers, flood the floor with green flowers to compose a wealthy little field for yourself, or attempt to wave/blow wind in the direction of falling flowers to push them off course. All in all, it’s one of those titles that are just necessary because of how it pushes the boundaries of card games.

flower fall


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