FlipSide: Solitaire Card Game Meets Scrabble

 Game: Flipside Time: 15 minutes
 Publisher: Biggest Little Games Players: 1
 Age: 12+ Replayability: 7/ 10

971074bf072a31b9263826b37bd18c273ccaea24FlipSide: Solitaire Card Game Meets Scrabble

Solo board games are seemingly scarce in our community. Sure, many games come equipped with variants notable as top quality solo experiences, but as far as games made specifically for a single player, I can count a handful if I am lucky (and my memory doesn’t fail me). We recognize Friday as a top tier difficulty as far as solo games go, and I have continuously talked about Hero’s Journey Home being a phenomenal solo game for anyone to try. Flipside introduces a twist on a couple of classics being solitaire and scrabble and exceeding as a notable solo experience. Simply lay out cards made in six, five, and four rows laid out above one another. You will draw cards from the bottom row (the sixth row) in a way that you will spell a word. The more letters you use, the more points you will acquire. When your word extends passed four cards you will collect a multiplier of two for your total score.

Flipside is an easy game to learn and setup and comes with a very concise rulebook made for anyone to figure out. It has multiples of letters similar to scrabble in order to fight odds of unused cards, and each letter has a balanced score to make games available for strategic play.

My Experience and Final Thoughts

Being a solitaire game of word building I won’t go in much depth with my gameplay experience because it was literally me drawing letters and dropping down the top two layers to fill in any vacant spots. However, I did find myself strategically pulling cards a lot more than I was anticipating and made sure to tailor my word based on my first three layers of cards ensuring that I could draw and play out the highest scoring word possible. Unfortunately, I spelled Friends and scored myself 35 points. In my experience, I used the huck ability card to remove an X that dropped down into my sixth row, vacated a spot and made it possible for me to grab the E in Friends.

This solo experience has a very short learning curve and is replayable for any setting. Whether you are looking to fill some down time or are have a game night party of one–Flipside can be there; portable and all. Like I’ve mentioned earlier this seems to be a great hybrid of scrabble and solitaire and definitely delivers the replay value seen in both of those classics. Honestly, while this is a one player game, I was able to play two players by trying to beat my opponents score and not using any special cards.

You will like this game if you’re looking for a solitaire experience that plays similar to scrabble and solitaire.

You will not like this game if you’re a group larger than one and would like some theme.


Joseph Nicholas

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