Flip City Wilderness: What to Expect

flip city wildernessFlip City Wilderness: What to Expect

Flip City Wilderness is a stand-alone expansion to the world of Flip City, one of the first huge releases by Tmg that really reinvented the way double sided cards worked. I’ll quickly explain how to play Flip City then move on to the Wilderness. In Flip City, your goal is to expand and renovate neighborhoods; however, if you build too much, too fast, you can make your citizens unhappy. Keep track of your unhappiness as you spend coin to buy cards, renovate cards, and more or less, win before anyone else does.

From what we were able to pull from multiple sites/sources, there will be a brand new four cards added to the game and within these cards that will be available you will find the Archeology Site, Camping Grounds (add +1 to your unhappiness limit), Logging Site (return this card to the bottom of the deck), Airport, Wind Farm (Additionally, flip once more during the building phase), Water Reservoir, Country Resort [this versions apartments] (flip this card and place it into another player’s deck), Farmer’s Market (remove one card you played this turn from the game), Interchange, and Trailer Park [this versions residential area] (if this is on top of your deck, you must play it). It seems that some of these cards will be interacting with discards a bit more (Airport), but it’s unclear what a lot of the other cards will be able to pull of!



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