Flip City Reuse: Expansion Review

 Game: Flip City Reuse (Coolstuffinc) Age 8+
 Publisher: Tasty Minstrel Games Time: 30 minutes
 Players: 1- 4 Replayability: 5/5 (with and without the expansion)

flip city reuse Flip City Reus

I’m sure by now we have all had our fair share of Flip City experiences, oh wait, but if you haven’t? (I’ll shamelessly post my Flip City review here! ahha!!!) Flip City has further progressed the deck building experience by producing a unique city building theme with the mechanics that we have all grown to love (I know dominion is still one of my favorites). So what exactly does Flip City Reuse bring to the table?  (pre-order this expansion here and don’t forget to visit playtmg)

Flip City Reuse introduces two brand new cards with a bit of an interesting twist in game and out. In Reuse, we are focusing on the theme of reusable products, or as the box puts it, “going green”. The cards included (I’ll begin with a card, then describe its backside): The Plumber Shop allows you to force each opponent to discard the top or the bottom card of his deck and is applied to each of your opponent’s deck. The flip side of the The Plumber Shop introduces Renewal Agency, which provides you with 3 coins that can only be spent toward flipping cards during the flip and develop actions. The second card in Flip City Reuse is the Flea Market, which allows you to leave this card in the discard pile and can be flipped in order to grant you 1 coin. The flip side is the Recycling Bin; I find this card a lot of fun because it’s pretty much a reset for your Flea Market, while also allowing you to flip another card in the same turn.

My Experience

So what are my experiences with this addition? I thought it was really interesting how different these two cards are from the rest of the bunch. Most of our Flip City experiences include fun strategies of mixing and matching Hospitals, Churches, and Stations in order to chain together as many cards as we can. With the exception of the Hotel flip action allowing you to place your Residential Area card on an opponent’s discard pile(which I never thought was worth using), the game is really friendly toward opponents. Flip City Reuse introduces (The Plumber Shop!) a more appropriate “take that” action which requires each opponent either lose their top or bottom card (Flush out the competition… :D). The Plumber Shop attracts a very interesting motive with this action. The take that esque experience with this card isn’t deep enough to really engage in an all out war with other players, however it can definitely prove helpful. It’s just the right amount of making it personal where the game continues to retain a very mutually happy experience. I found myself changing up my attitude toward Power Plants and Shopping Malls and trying my hand in the Reuse options. I found that Flea Market does a great job always offering me the option of upgrading my discard pile anytime throughout the game. It’s a game changer when before this expansion, I used to contemplate is it worth shuffling my discard or ending my turn with 3 or 4 of my left over cards in play.

Final Thoughts

You know what though? Flip City Reuse does something incredible that I wish I’ve seen more of. Aside from the playful take that card which introduces a brand new type of game play functions, the cute recycle themed city structures, or the Flea Market introducing a permanent discard. The expansion fits so perfectly well within the Flip City box, I think I cried a little.flip city reuse


Joseph Nicholas

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