Fletter Word Building Card Game

 Game: Fletter Time: 20 minutes
 Publisher: BINCA Player: 2- 4
 Age: 8+ Replayability: 7/ 10



Fletter is a word building party game for players 8+. This can hold a large group of people but is suggested to stay between 2- 4 players. In Fletter, you are relying on randomly drawn letters to formulate words that you will call out for points. Each player will take turns drawing cards from their deck and getting them  to the center of the table (the deck we all hold faces away from us). When you see a word from the randomly drawn cards on the table, yell it out! You will collect the words’ letters and tally those as points at the end of the game. If you yell out a word at the same time as someone else, the word is set aside and no longer able to score. If you yell a word incorrectly, you have to pick up a fletter penalty card, subtracting two points from your score at the end.

fletterMy Experience and Final Thoughts

I played fletter with two other players.  Fletter is a fun take on scrabble that almost reinvents the idea of word play and word building. So after dealing out all the cards to each player, I began the game by flipping over the top card (the cards are face down) and tossing it to the center of the table. The first letter put into play was an N, the second player also threw out an N, and the third player followed the revealing of the cards with an A. This first round offered no words, so I started again (keep in mind this is not a round by round game; we continued revealing cards consistently). I tossed out an R by which I yelled “ran” and gathered my cards. This continued until the cards were all dealt out. We would throw cards into the center of the table and yell words when we would see any show-up. unfortunately, and this is my only issue with the game, is that I noticed that we were calling out a lot of three letter words because we were looking to grab points sooner rather than later–which is find that is how the game is played. I was hoping for a chance to build stronger words for a multiplier opportunity which could have reflected our level of English. But not all is bad, Fletter offers different varieties of rules to play for longer words being able to play for four letter words, five letter words, or even six letter words. I really enjoyed this game and find it is beautiful. I love the color scheme, I think the green, the blue, and the white do a really great job of working together to create scheme nice to look at and easy to play with. I also enjoy the fact that it seems to reinvent the fun of Scrabble while completely reinventing the way word building is done. I think my favorite part of the game is the way that all the letters are scored and I think that they do a great job giving scores to letters relative to how often they show up in the center. I felt it was a little difficult to find the difference between M and W but am assuming that was a way to push for a more strategic gameplay. I feel this way because when you do mess up on calling out a word you get a fletter card, which is a -2 penalty.

In the end, I think this is a very solid party game for people who enjoy building words and quick gameplay. I think it’s easy to learn how to play and is accessible for anyone to play who is familiar with the English language. In fact, I could see this being used in a way to help English learners (or anyone learning any language with a greek or latin root) to learn a basic level language.

You will like this game if you are interested in a quick and easy word building party game.


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