Filthy Mime: Game Review

 Game: Filthy Mime Players: 4+
 Publisher: Self Publisher Time: 30 minutes
 Age: 17+ Replay ability: 5/10

Filthy Mime

Filthy Mime is a party game that emphasizes on charades for players to collect points. Each player takes turns picking a card from the deck and acting it out. The first player to recognize and correctly guess the charade wins the card. If a player doesn’t want to act out the charade–they lose a card (cards are points). If you are unable to convince anyone you can successfully act out the charade, you fail as well (bye bye card). So, get your acting lessons ready–this game is going to get ugly. Seriously, as a family friendly website I found it almost impossible to find cards that I think would be fitting for the site as well as advertise the game. So I have found 3.

filthy mime

These are the 3.

My experience came from a sneak peak pack sent over from the developers (Thanks ya’ll!). I played with a couple of my friends… and my mom (sorry ma!). She didn’t enjoy the game too much but that’s okay! We all had a blast. I had hidden third nipple (I actually never pulled that card, I’m just lying in order to hide the real card I used, because it’s NSFW) and I found it difficult in order to convince everyone what I was doing because I thought my card was extremely difficult but I’m not a sucker (I’m just a loser in board games). No one was able to guess my card and I of course lost my card–But jokes on them because I never received a card in the first place! My mother left 3 rounds in and didn’t want to perform her card, she did share a few laughs and enjoyed how R rated the game was. At first I was skeptical of how much similar this was going to be compared to all the other party games out there, but then I saw this game offers side missions. These ‘wild cards’ break up the typical charades gameplay with mini-games that vary up the playing style. Some challenge arm wrestling while others encourage storytelling. My favorite was the Go to Jail card because I think it was fun confessing crimes we’ve all done in the past (like flipping tables because I keep losing in games).

I rated this game a 5 out of 10 on replay ability because like all party games–we have seen the card before. I’m not saying the game is bad–it’s not, it’s thoroughly enjoyable. I’ve just always found that with party games (looking at you, Cards Against Humanity) the cards we recycle seem to not be as funny as they once were. With charades in general, It’s not often we’ll see variants of certain cards. The game does contain ‘wild cards’ as I mentioned earlier, which do impress a lot more to engage with. So I would consider this title to trump a regular day of charades.

All in all, it’s a simple R rated charade game that can guarantee a good night of laughs. Seeing your friends imitate the nastiest things on the earth are definitely a site. You can definitely see more and experience more with their kickstarter that I couldn’t share on my website. I promise you it seems like an experience you wont find anywhere else. I am one to imitate stupid things around my friends all the time–might as well win points for it while I do it. You can find the game on kickstarter available here.


Joseph Nicholas

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