Ferox : Invaders and Cannibals

 Game: FeroxAge: 18+
 Publisher: CraftFair Games Players: 2
 Time: 30 minutes

FeroxCraft Fair Games are a genuine group of people pushing out honest board games with insanely awesome themes. Ferox is no exception to their impressive list of (soon to be) games. In November 1982, a helicopter carrying a documentary crew crashed deep in the jungles of an undeveloped island. This crew unknowingly stumbled across some of the most brutal indigenous beings they’ve ever seen. Equipped with only a few drugs, some camera equipment, and their lives; this crew needs to make it out alive. What we know about the natives’ is more of here-say but there are 4 tribes out to get our crew mates: Moxweti, the cannibals, Jumtxe, the engineers, Kaypalo, the magicians, and Tukhua, the protectors.

FeroxThe game seems a bit overwhelming at first but is pretty straight forward. Decide which player will be the Native tribe and which player will be the film crew. Divide the rage tokens into 2 separate piles (6 and 5) for the Natives and Film crew respectively. Shuffle the encounter cards leaving the crash site on top and the rescue point on the bottom. Draw the encounter card and place it next to the deck. Draw up 10 cards from your draw deck and begin play by drafting cards, exposing crew (and warriors), playing encounters, and repeating said actions. Your hand will always stay at 2 cards drawn up from your deck (to draw, take two from your deck, keep one remove one–repeat). Once you’ve selected your hand you’ll expose your members (and warriors) by choosing the two of which you would like to be involved in the encounter (choose the number of warriors you’d like to expose and move them out of reserve). Follow the exposing of members with playing cards from your hand (by paying rage). Repeat these phases until one of the following results happen: All crew members die, all warriors die, or at least one crew member makes it to the rescue point.


Now, the game runs as an adventure; as if I’m re-watching the 2005 King Kong (the one with Adrian Brody and Jack Black). The events and actions taken through cards during each turn are oriented to directly link back to the main story arch. This makes these actions feel organic and natural. I know where the game begins and where it ends, but I can thread that journey any way I’d like. Do I need to abandon my equipment because I don’t have room for it? Maybe we stumbled across a small village and decided to torch it (pay-back!). Or, (my favorite card) maybe I needed to set up an ambush to wipe out a nice handful of Natives (Yes, I was the good guys!– Oh yeah, they didn’t make it… you know I lose every game I play). I do have to say, the game takes a bit of imagination– My opposition and I both got pretty immersed, adopting voices and really illustrating our actions out. That said, it was a lot of fun. If you need further instruction. Below you’ll find the Ferox crews guide. (Click “the Guide” to link to their Kickstarter!)Ferox


Joseph Nicholas

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