Fall Out 4 customization

With the excitement of Fall Out 4 right around the corner. Bits and pieces of information are beginning to shed light to fans and are really creating an anticipation train that isn’t leaving yet (Get it? because the anticipation?… Nevermind). This post will deliver Fall Out 4 customization updates based on a recently posted video by Bethesda about the customization options. In this video, which is listed below, will offer a quick TLDR of what to expect. Weapon customization, neigborhood customization, user generated content, mods, Honestly, you’ll end up watching the video.

Fall Out 4 customization will be allowing us settlements to build. This is called the “Workshop system”, seen in the video, detailing the ‘original neighborhood’ customization options, there is also stated more sites than just the original neighborhood. I think we are seeing a whole new experience through Fall out and the latest trend of full on world customization.

It’s incredible what we can expect with Fall Out 4 customization. User generated content? We are looking at a creation kit that will come out early 2016. Mods will be available via PC, but, unlike Skyrim, this time we are seeing it come to Xbox 1 and other consoles!

We are also looking forward to the crafting system which could be the most advance system in a Bethesda game. Fall Out 4 customization is on a whole new level with unbelievable options– mods for stocks, barrels, grips, magazines, and etc. Items scattered across the world will access new options for Fall Out 4 customization.

Watch more here!


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