Fairytale Gloom vs. Gloom

Game: Gloom/ Fairytale Gloom
Developer: Atlas Genuis
Players: 2- 4

ABEABB Gloom is a morbid yet funny, story telling game. In this game, you have a family of which your goal is to make each member as miserable as possible and eventually kill them off.

The transparency of the cards allows you to see the original character but also add modifiers which either making the character sadder or happier. These cards have 3 spots on the left side of the card that can be filled up to make your character depressed. Modifier cards include a line at the top that can help provide a story for you to build off of. Some negative modifiers include “was shunned by society” and “was devoured by weasels”, while some positive modifiers include “was popular in parliament” and “was blessed by the bishop”. Typically you want to add negative modifiers to your character and positive modifiers to other player’s characters then making their character happier.AEBB

The story telling aspect of the game makes it even more enjoyable because it gives you a backstory to why they have become depressed before being killed off. It is like you are telling their life story for their obituary.

When I’ve played there have been ridiculous stories told that include a ballerina chasing a duck and eventually getting hit by a train because the duck was in the train tracks…NRSTGNRG

Recently I have gotten the Fairytale Gloom game and it follows the same rules as the original Gloom. However, Fairytale Gloom includes characters that we are all familiar with such as Snow White, The Evil Queen, Pinocchio, and Goldilocks. This makes their stories a little easier to tell because they have a story made for them. When playing the original Gloom, I have found that it can be a little tough to come up with a story if you’re not as imaginative or creative. The modifier cards also relate to the fairytale realm and some correlate directly to a specific character.NQTRNBGF

Fairytale Gloom also includes a story card that you can obtain if you fulfill the requirements. To claim these stories that are unclaimed in the center of the play area, a player spends an action to do so and must complete the requirements. For example, Rumplestilskin’s requirement is 2 skull icons. If a player’s family shows at least two skulls than they may claim the story. By getting this story card, your end game points may increase, which is always helpful.NTANBF

Both games are great if you are feeling like you want to make someone’s life miserable but without taking any consequences. If you are more on the creative spectrum, I would suggest the original Gloom because you can invent your own story for these characters. If you are slightly less creative, I would suggest Fairytale Gloom because it has already accessible stories that come with each character. The characters having a pre-fabricated story does not take away from the fun of making them depressed.
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Fairytale Gloom


Natasha Kane

Graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Social Science. Her favorite mechanics are worker placement, set collecting, modular board, and card drafting.