Exploding Kittens


Who knew that stress could result from a very successful, very historic boardgame off of Kickstarter? Exploding Kittens has become kickstarters most backed and most funded game. Ever. To this moment in time. Which means there is opportunity down the road.. But, not now. Anyway…

Picture of KittenExploding-Kittens

This simple boardgame, running 2 minutes or a hair more, has grossed millions of dollars. The brand itself has reached well over 50,000 followers on twitter. With games shipping in July, and 219,000 + backers all around the world ready to recieve this game, it seems the creators are about ready to feel at ease, after hiring a team to reply to their 30,000 emails and over 6 different companies to produce their games, they are finally seeing the light at the end of this unexpected, stressful, 860 people hired-to-help tunnel.


I am glad that this company has been able to stay humble after what has blown up from Exploding Kittens (See what I did there?). They even spent over 1 million dollars leaving each game with a “secret surprise”for all their backers. Well, I am glad to see this happen for the boardgame community. You could almost consider this the “First steps on the moon” for our community.


Information found HERE on their site.

Feel free to Pre-order your copies HERE


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