Exploding Kittens Touch up and Exploding Kittens Expansion Imploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens

Let’s touch upon what I believe to be the resurgence of mainstream board gaming. While we could argue Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity brought us back to life, it was Exploding Kittens the proved it’s existence with its success on Kickstarter. Gaming was fun, years later, I know people who play Catan regularly, What do you meme for game night, and I am always showing players new stuff to try!

Exploding Kittens is best described by their Boardgamegeek description– “Kitten Russian Roulette”.

So let’s touch up on gameplay

exploding kittens expansion

How to Play

This simple board game, running at 5 minutes, has players drawing cards from a draw pile and playing cards from their hand.. As well. This sounds, not fun? False, in Exploding Kittens, you are trying to evade a bomb. You can do this by using special cards that allow you to “see into the future”, or skip turns, and so forth. The imploding kitten is a time bomb, just… don’t see it twice okay? The fun in this game is that it’s an easy concept but actually takes time to master. Be the last player to stay alive, avoid the bombs, strategically regulate your hand of cards, and don’t fall victim to the cute kittens.

Imploding Kittens

This game has gave introduced a new style of gaming to our community and has helped grow our community a tenfold. It does not seem like the popularity is relieving at all, even releasing an expansion, that increases player count to find–Imploding Kittens. This expansion introduces 6 new cards to the game as well as the Imploding Kitten card. One including forcing anyone to take two turns, which can be a real disaster if played correctly. While I don’t think this expansion is totally groundbreaking, it has the right utilities needed to make the game a little more interesting. Imploding Kittens is a forced timebomb, but need two turns to detonate. Alter the Future is an upgrade from seeing into the future. All in all, it’s not a bad piece to the game–but not necessarily mandatory.

exploding kittens expansion



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