In the end, only one can Reign.

reignThe King is dead!

Without an heir, the kingdom of Kazath is in chaos. You are poised to take the Onyx Crown for yourself, but power rarely comes without cost. You must use those around you to achieve victory, raising your army to build your legitimacy, forging¬†temporary alliances… and plotting their inevitable betrayals.

In the end, only one can Reign.

Reign is a game of diplomacy, deception and domination in a medieval fantasy world. Players take the role of a noble Lord or Lady fighting for the Onyx Crown. Reign involves a lot of diplomacy and negotiating between players as no one can win without help from others, but an opportunistic ally may wish to betray you for their own gain. The golden rule of Reign? You do not have to keep any of your promises.

Be warned, there is no second place.

The objective of Reign is to take the Onyx Crown and gain 9 Legitimacy Points.

The game is split into 4 phases:

The Influence Phase, where you secretly bid for the support of a Great House. Without a House supporting your claim, you will be unable to rally an army to take the Crown.

The Plotting Phase, where players begin to muster their forces. They may choose to either back themselves, attempting to take the Onyx Crown, or back another for the promise of rewards.

The Combat Phase where secrete cards are revealed and armies clash in a grand conflict. The player with the largest force takes the Crown, becoming the new Regent.

The Regent Phase in which the new Regent must hand out rewards from the spoils of war to their supporters. The new Regent gains 3 Legitimacy Points while those who backed the Regent gain 2. The round then begins anew.

Final Thoughts and Kickstarter

Pledges for Reign start at $19 USD and has free shipping worldwide which is both VAT and HST friendly. The first 350 backers can pledge for the First Wave Shipping Tier to receive their copy of Reign hot off the production line a few days earlier than normal. So if you like stabbing your friends and playing games with a lot of player interaction back now and don’t miss out!


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