Duplicats Card Game Review

Game: DuplicatsDuplicats card game review

Publisher: Atomic Dragon Games

Players: 2- 8

Age: 12+


We’ve all been familiar with matching games. One of my first exposures to matching games was Old Maid, which is a classic card game dating back to 18 74. The object of the game is to take a card from the player to your left and lay out pairs in front of you. In the end, all cards except the old maid will be paired up and laid out for everyone to see, and Whoever is holding the old maid is the loser of the game. I hold these moments with Old Maid near to me because a lot of this time playing Old Maid was spent playing with my grandmother.

Duplicats card game review

Duplicats takes on the challenge of being a matching card game but insinuates inuendos along the way. In duplicats you will be drawing cards, creating pairs, and taking actions that prevent your opponent from taking the lead. The game begins by dealing out 5 cards to each play. With the rest of the cards in a deck between you and your opponent(s); draw a card and lay out a pair (these are cards in orange). You will follow this action by swapping a card of your choice with a card of your opponents choice. Your next option will be playing action cards (these are red, yellow, blue, green, and purple) which can do the following: steal an opponents pair, steal an opponents card, stop your opponent from taking an action, view the next four cards, or block an action in color order. The tactical advantage the game gives players are the two pair bonus points. Each pair grants you 1 point for the end game calculation. If you are able to collect both pairs of one single cat– that is 3 points. The game ends when the 2 cat lady cards have been played.Duplicats card game review

Final Thoughts

My experience was enjoyed with (on separate occasions)my mother (as she wanted to play it), my gaming group, and a few of my classmates before class. They all found the game to be really easy to play and a nice way to kill some time. The game CAN be a bit long if your Cat Lady cards are nearing the end of the deck (which gets me all fidgety), and some times if players are new to the gaming community you will find the game lacks a bit of enthusiasm (because my class mates didn’t know what “taking an action” meant). With a few house rules your game will be fluid and fun (I placed the cat lady’s toward half the deck).

Duplicats card game review


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