Dungeon Romp (Review)

Dungeon Romp feeds off of simplicity to conceive an Rpg for the masses.  If you’re hungry for action, but don’t have the time and patience to craft a feast for the family; Dungeon Romp is a “Cute and Cutthroat” fantasy RPG that truly inspires for a 30 minute meal.

Dungeon Romp at its core is a tiny fantasy RPG written and produced by Travis Parker of Golden Griffon Games. The game displays us three ability scores that are representations of our characters knowledge and skill. Body is for physical actions and ‘ability checks’ against attacking enemies. Body is also tested for challenges presented by the GM such as: Out running, Breaking down a door, or lifting heavy objects. Mind is used for the characters intellect. Mind would be used for a spell caster and being more aware of your surroundings. Finally, we are provided with Skill, which helps with performance in stealth, picking a lock, disarming a trap, and so forth. I feel that Dungeon Romp satisfied the requisite for abilities given in an RPG perfectly and conveniently.

With the purchase of every game we are supplied with character sheets to fill out and develop our character. We have space for our characters Name, Race, Body, Mind, and Skill power, HP (Which always starts at 20), and space for Equipment, notes, and Spells. The minimalism of this RPG is suitable for even the most novice players and can fulfill the engagement of a fully fledged RPG, with a full on scenario directing battles, storytelling, and traps while supporting players from hardcore to casual gamers. The rulebook introduces a main section or table of contents to convenience the GM when story telling. The How To Play is a thorough summary of the large quantity “book-shelves” worth of information that larger scale RPG games offer and smushes it down to a few paragraphs. It describes a nice balance set to keep the game fair yet open to interpretation. Following the back end of the rulebook we are given equipment and treasure, traps and puzzles, and enemies and adventures. So to reiterate how convenient Dungeon Romp is for any gamer. All information provided in this rulebook are basic ideas, guidelines to give everyone a head start on allowing their imagination flow.

What I really enjoyed about the game is how it combines a universal amount of independent information from the RPG world, and consolidates that information into practical use. Almost defragging the entire system down to its purest form. For example, I am impressed with gold being used as both a means to purchase AND playing the role of experience to level up. I love that the game sums up a characters ability into three categories simplifying dice roles and speeding up the narrative and game play. I love how the enemy “guidelines” helps us balance our battles out depending on if we are battling easier or harder enemies. The spells grant us a healthy list of fun-to-imagine abilities and doesn’t overcrowd the concepts with prerequisites or bundling too many dice into one move. But most of all, I appreciate the given sample quest written in the end side of the rulebook. I think the sample quest help put a 30 minute RPG run into perspective. We as a group have enjoyed the sample quest because we all live busy lives, with tabletop games,  videogames and unfortunately real life (like most of our viewers), and don’t necessary have the luxury of running day long campaigns, so it is nice to be able to run 30 minute campaigns straight from out of our pocket in between the more time consuming games we play.

Dungeon Romp is and will be my go-to for Rpg campaigns, The rulebook provides us with everything we need to know to run a corrective, balance, RPG. Whether you need help running a campaign or wanting to play with the sample, to just enjoying the product of your imagination. Dungeon Romp will be your ultimate guide to engagement.

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Joseph Nicholas

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Indietabletop. Communication major. Favorite mechanics include: Bluffing and Deduction, modular boards, and action point allowance. Favorite video game genres are Rpgs, Puzzles games, and Sim/Tycoons.

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