Dungeon of Fortune; Dungeon Roll Successor

 Game: Dungeon of Fortune Age: 8+
 Publisher: Tasty Minstrel Games Time: 30 minutes
 Players: 2- 6 Replayability: 7/10
Dungeon of Fortune

Dungeon of FortuneDungeon of Fortune

Dungeon of Fortune is a push your luck dungeon crawler by Tasty Minstrel Games. In this competitive dungeon romp, you and your opponents will delve through a dungeon (the deck) and descend through the dungeons levels putting you in more difficult encounters. Why is this competitive? You aren’t cooperating with your opponents to share your wealth. No. Instead, you are racing through the dungeon taking all the treasure for yourself. Each card drawn has you battle goblins, skeletons, and oozes; or if you’re lucky, you will stumble across some hidden loot to take! Each encounter can get pretty exhausting, so when your companions are put to work, they’ll tire out.  If you’re not careful with your companions, you might find some trouble against the dragons!

Setup and gameplay

After you have selected your hero, hand everyone a stair chit and a helmet chit. These represent your dungeon level and your character level respectively. As you draw cards from the deck, you will be solving the encounter listed in the row that correlates with your dungeon level. Each encounter will list enemies, treasures, coins, or a collaboration of the three. Use your companions wisely as they battle it out. Each companion has an advantage against their correlating colors’ monster. Mages are stronger against oozes, theives can open any number of treasure chests in 1 round, and so forth. Consider your companion actions because if you happen to run into a dragon, you Dungeon of Fortunebetter hope to have enough companions to fight them too, if you don’t, you may have to flee from the battle leaving behind any
experience gained OR loot found that round.

Final Thoughts

I found Dungeon of Fortune to be fairly simple to pick up and enjoyable with any number of players. I played this over the weekend as I was staying in Reno and found it was to be able to relax in our hotel room and play a couple rounds of Dungeon of Fortune; which was a nice break from gambling and eating all day. It suggests playing with 40 coins (which once all collected will end the game) for 2 players–but I found if you’d like a shorter game, just play with less coins. The game truly is Luck of the draw so there isn’t much strategy to playing other then where to allocate your companions during each encounter. There is a key piece of the rule missing from the manual which I think is a bit weird. If you draw a card with a scroll on it that is an advanced variant. This variant can allows you to discard a card already in your display that has a scroll in order to ignore the new card and draw again. Discard the ignored card and encounter the replacement instead. Like I said, the game is simple, It’s pretty fun, and is definitely an easy game for anyone you are looking to gateway into this community.

Dungeon of Fortune



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