Dungeon Derby

Game: Dungeon DerbyPlayers: 3-6 best at 4
Time: 45+Age: 8+
Difficulty: easy mediumReplay Value: higher 4/5

Dungeon Derby

dungeon derby

In sport, racing is competitive they rely on beating time trials or other racers. Spectators would go wild over chariot races or horse races during ancient Greece. And quite frankly I’m a huge fan of the thrill that comes from anticipating a winner. Therefore, Racing games have a special place in my heart. These games create a lot of intensity and excitement for not being a party game and betting is always an a plus in my book. Dungeon derby takes a new twist in this classic style of victory. This game is for 3-6 players and runs anywhere from 30- 60 minutes depending on how many races you run. To keep it simple. Race your champion to the finish line influencing the race in real time to win the big bucks. Also, play as the audience, bet on the race outcome and score some huge returns. This is done through dice rolling, card actions, and a little luck. The gameplay is great for experienced gamers with average skills in the art of different mechanics because of multiple use gameplay and game setup/rulebook. But y’all don’t wanna hear me talk you just wanna see the components.

How To Play

Like and Don’t Like

Like- betting as audience AND being the character. Armor can suck for a champion but power-ups and spells can balance. Brought racing energy to the game night. While it’s suggested rounds create a long game, shorter games CAN exist if fewer rounds are played. Artwork Is nice and the immersion of the map is great. I love the feeling of a classic 3d rendered video game bringing me back.

Don’t like. Sometimes drawn armor or encounters could hinder the game’s performance if someone is overpowered. Ending a round quickly. Drawing might not help balance. Rulebook is a little unclear but is going through a rewrite so that shouldn’t be a problem after release.  Lower player count really effects how well the game will play. Ending in less board influence and heavy reliance on dice Board is huge. Could be downsized.

dungeon derby

Final Thoughts

It’s fun. It allows players to not only gamble on their own character but on the race in general. Its rulebook does ask for a bit of experience with these types of games as I feel someone new to the hobby and opening it up might get lost from a language barrier. I love the idea that players are literally enhancing or hindering champions with armor, laying out traps for better or hindered movement, and enjoying real-time racing allowing us to aid or hurt champions with spells. It really adds a welcomed direction to how racing games are played. The chips are my highlight, true to a casino the betting tokens create the atmosphere of ancient Greece game shows with a modern twist of hitting the strip. If you’re looking for a racing game that brings to us the depth of fantasy in a wagering game this is it. Also, good at explaining games? Give this a try with an NHC or new to the hobby casual.


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